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The first day I landed in India I felt a lot of pollution But I found Delhi an interesting place with Metro railway service and the modern gallery of art. After a few days I went to Amritsar. I paid a visit to IFA I found the ambience pollution free, surrounded by open fields all around and calm, serene atmosphere. I was reminded of my house in Australia. I immediately decided to study here. International Fateh Academy provides ample opportunities for Gatka, Basketball and Athletics. I have become a fast runner. I play basketball to grow tall. I have learnt other games too like Athletics, Football etc.
Education here is not pouring knowledge but getting out the hidden talent among children. I want to be an all rounder and my aim is to come out in flying colours to please my mother and my grandpa.
In IFA the fellow friends are really compassionate and always a source of inspiration to me always. The Management is very supportive and caring and it is my pleasure to be here in this unique Academy.

Isher Singh VI-B (2013-14)
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