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IFA , hmmm; such a wondrous and exotic experience it is ! When I first got here. I cried for three weeks missing my parents but as soon as I got out of it, I found the teachers and the students really amiable. This school is completely different from my old school in Australia in many aspects. It is like a never ending game where I have to see myself how much. I have achieved and how much I have yet to achieve. Everyday is a new learning experience. The ambience of the hostel is really very congenial and we never feel home stick. I thank the Chairman S. Jagbir Singh, International Fateh Academy for providing us good education along with unique religious knowledge which is awesome. I am thankful to my parents for giving me a second home in the form of IFA where values are imbibed in children, where they learn, grow and succeed. I am only in grade VIII and I have miles to go to achieve my aim.

Jaiteg Singh- VIII B (2013-14)
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